How we do it

Best Quality Components

We only select components from trusted and quality manufacturers

Our computers are Upgradable

all of our system can be upgraded, contact us if you need to know what options are available

Our computers are customizable

If you require any special features or modifications you can easily contact us before ordering and we will send you a custom proposition.

Tested Before Shipping

All our computers are tested before being shipped.

Technical Support and Advice

If you have any issue you can contact us so we can find a solution, if required a technician will come to fix your computer

Our Insurance

All our Computers come with a free 10 months Warranty on all components.

We Take care of deliveries in Scotland.

We know Shipping computers can be dangerous, to avoid any accident or damage we decided to make all deliveries in Scotland ourselves.

Built Locally in Scotland

all our products are assembled in Dundee, Scotland.